May 19, 2021, DAY 137: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Psalms 57-59

May 19, 2021

PSALMS 57-59

In this next series of Psalms, we learn that David, before coming King of Israel had established a trusting, reliant relationship with God. He knew that God wanted the Government of Israel to serve His people, Israel, with honesty and integrity, a quality that appears to not have existed under King Saul, the first King of Israel.

Take some time to seek God’s guidance to the meaning of Psalms 57-59. Read Psalms 57-59. Let’s journey!

As we journey through the second book of Psalms, remember that nearly every psalm can be classified as a psalm of Lament or a psalm of praise. A lament is cry to the Lord, asking Him to do something, most often when we are in pain, confused, or angry. A psalm of praise is a prayer of joy and celebration, thanking the Lord for His work.

Psalms 57-59: David, the shepherd boy turned servant to King Saul, finds himself being pursued by the same king that he has vowed to protect. The king anointed by God. David is hiding in caves, fleeing his pursuers, as they aroused the people against David with lies about him. David’s pursuers, at the direction of King Saul, had been ordered to kill him. (Psalms 57:1-59:17)

Read chapters 57-59, and ask yourself these questions: Are these psalms of lament or praise? How do you know? What does this psalm teach you about the Lord? Take a moment and offer at least one praise and one lament from your own life.


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