May 20, 2021, DAY 138: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Job 39-40

May 20, 2021

JOB 39-40

In today’s journey through Job 39-40, Job finds himself in a conversation with God. God is demanding Job explain his rebuttals to Bildad, Eliphaz, Zophar, and Elihu.

Take some time to ask God for His true meaning of Job 39-40. Read Job 39-40. Let’s journey!

Job and his friends have each made assumptions about God, about how God rules, and about how justice in the world works. These assumptions are revealed throughout this book. Many of these assumptions continue to be held today!

Job 39-40: God continues listing all that He has done, asking Job if he knows anyone who can do the same. In Job 40, God directly asks Job to answer His questions. In verses 3-5, Job could only say he had no answer. The God told Job “You shall answer.” (Job 40:7, paraphrased) (Job 39:1-40:24)

Read chapters 39 and 40, considering the following: As we reflect back on Job’s commentary to his friends, he basically said God must have made a mistake: God can make no mistakes. Because of Job’s misunderstanding regarding rewards being based on good works, Job who knew God, did not know God. It appears Job was about to get to know God. God was asking Job two very pointed questions which breakdown to, do you know better than I, God, do? Answers the questions posed by the Lord.


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