May 3, 2021, DAY 121: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Exodus 17-20

May 3, 2021

EXODUS 17-20

The Israelites continue to struggle with what is happening. They know they are in the presence of God. They know that God continues to provide for them. Yet, they continue to grumble and ask is God really with us when they encounter any adversity.

Seek God’s understanding of Exodus 17-20. Read Exodus 17-20. Let’s journey!

Exodus, the second book of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses, whose life we begin to see in this book. The book of Exodus begins nearly 400 years after the book of Genesis ends, and the Hebrews have become slaves in Egypt, a sinful land. Throughout the book of Exodus, we can see how sin damages a person’s relationship with the Lord, and how the sins of a nation can damage the nation’s relationship with the Lord.

Exodus 17-20: Today’s reading take us through a period of uncertainty ending with God giving Moses the Ten Commandments. We being with the Israelites wondering if they were going to die because they had no water. God provides water. God directs Moses to send Joshua to battle the Amelikites; Israel’s first recorded military encounter after leaving Egypt. Through God’s help, Joshua defeats the Amelikites. Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, visits Moses, advising him of better ways to act as judge over the Israelites. Moses adopted Jethro’s advice, without seeking God’s will, even though Jethro advised Moses to do so. God meets Moses at Mt. Sinai. God gives Moses the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 17:1-20:26)

As you read chapters 17 through 20, carefully consider how sin affects a person’s or a nation’s relationship with the Lord God. What sin occurred in today’s reading? What was the consequence of that sin, or what was the consequence of a sin recognized in a pervious reading? What sin is affected your relationship with God? How can you repair your relationship? Are you listening and looking for God in your life?


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