May 31, 2021, DAY 149: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Exodus 33-36

May 31, 2021

EXODUS 33-36

Today our journey through Exodus focuses on restoration. The Israelites journey to restoring their relationship with God.

Ask God for His understanding of Exodus 33-36. Read Exodus 33-36. Let’s journey.

Exodus, the second book of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses, whose life we begin to see in this book. The book of Exodus begins nearly 400 years after the book of Genesis ends, and the Hebrews have become slaves in Egypt, a sinful land. Throughout the book of Exodus, we can see how sin damages a person’s relationship with the Lord, and how the sins of a nation can damage the nation’s relationship with the Lord.

Exodus 33-36: God expresses His anger with the Israelites and His love for Moses. As you have read, God begins restoring His relationship with this “stiff necked people,’’ by providing a second set of Ten Commandments written on stone, (Moses broke the first set when he found the Israelites engaged in idol worship), and gave instructions on them. Moses brings the Israelites together to prepare for the construction of the tabernacle. (Exodus 33:1-36:38)

As you read chapters 33 through 36, carefully consider how sin affects a person’s or a nation’s relationship with the Lord God. What sin occurred in today’s reading? What was the consequence of that sin, or what was the consequence of a sin recognized in a pervious reading? What sin is affecting your relationship with God? How can you repair your relationship? Are you listening and looking for God in your life?


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