Monday, June 17, 2024
The Journey 2019

Journey Forever

The professor looked around the room waiting.  Finally, he asked, “No more questions?”  A few students shook their heads, but most remained silent.  It was the final class – a review for the final, a chance to have any questions answered, and a last chance to earn participation points.  With no more responses forthcoming, the professor simple said, “Class dismissed.”  The students gathered the materials they had brought with them.  As they filed out the doors, they reflected back on all that they had talked about throughout the course of the class.  Some students were prepare to take their final, then dump whatever they had learned into the back of their minds and continue on with their lives.  Other students were wishing they could go back to their lives, but the lessons taught kept coming to the front of their minds.  Still others were glad for the class, a rare place on a college campus where their beliefs were confirmed and celebrated, instead of ridiculed and mocked.  And, finally, there was at least one student whose life was never truly going to be the same again, for they had taken their first step onto their lifelong journey!  

Our Journey this year was a focus on the importance of knowing the Bible – how it relates to salvation and understanding why it is important to know the Bible.  We began where any Christian’s journey begins, with salvation and the need for repentance.  We looked at the importance of love, especially when judging another, and of being spiritually alert.  We recognized that all problems belong to the Lord and that false idols are not always made of gold.  Salvation gives us freedom, which does not exclude the continual need to work and grow.  All life has been created by God and should be respected.  Finally, we discerned that although we are participants in this world, we no longer belong to the world.

Journey 2019 was not just a journey through the Bible or through the teachings of Jesus and the Lord.  It should have also been a journey through your life.  Each month’s journey offered you a chance to examine your own life, to sit down and truly meditate on how your life was reflecting the teachings of the Lord.  Did you make any changes?

We, at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, Inc., hope you come out of Journey 2019 a changed person – a person who has grown in knowledge of God’s word, a person who understands why it is important to grow in knowledge of God’s word!  Remember, just because this step of the journey is over, doesn’t mean your journey is over!  Join us next year for another step of the Journey: 2020 Vision for Christ!  

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