August 2, 2021, DAY 212: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Leviticus 22-24

August 2, 2021


Today our journey takes us through Leviticus 22-24. It deals with sacred offerings, holy festivals, and blasphemy.

Ask God for His understanding of Leviticus 22-24. Read Leviticus 22-24. Let’s journey!

Leviticus, the third book of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament, takes place immediately following Exodus. Despite their miraculous rescue from slavery in Egypt, the Israelites were quick to rebel and turn away from the Lord and worship false gods. The Israelites returned to the Lord, building Him a Tabernacle which He filled with His presence. However, God is Holy, and the unholy (sinners) cannot be in His presence. The book of Leviticus shows how God graciously provides a way for the Israelites to live in His presence.

Leviticus 22-24: Moses instructs the priests on how to handle the sacred offerings. God continues instructing Moses on the type and quality of the offerings to be accepted by the priests from the people. In chapter 23, God gives the Israelites festivals for worship and instructions for how to conduct them. Chapter 24 begins by instructing Aaron to keep the lamps burning continually. It continues with the instruction from the Lord that anyone who blasphemes Him is to be put death. This is taught by example in Leviticus 24:10-23. (Leviticus 22:1-24:23)

After reading chapters 22-24, consider the following: What instruction is being provided in today’s reading? How does this instruction help the Israelites in their relationship with the Lord and living in His presence?


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