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Orlando Hall, Federal

Orlando Hall, Federal

November 20, 2020

Orlando Cordia Hall was executed by the federal government on Thursday, November 19, 2020, however it was delayed several hours due to appeals. Orlando was pronounced dead at 11:47 pm local time, inside the execution chamber at the Federal Correction Complex in Terra Haute, Indiana. Orland was 49 years of age. He was executed for the murder of 16-year-old Lise Rene in September 1994. Orlando spent the last 25 years of his life on federal death row.

Orlando grew up in an unstable home and suffered from poverty. His parents fought almost daily and often failed to provide and/or care for their children. They divorced when Orlando was 15.

Orlando Hall, along with Bruce Webster and Marvin Holloway, ran a marijuana trafficking enterprise in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, that transported purchased drugs from Texas to Arkansas. On September 21, 1994, Orlando traveled to Texas, where he met with Steven Beckley, who lived in Texas and usually transported the drugs.

After arriving in Texas, Orlando and Steven met two local drug dealers, Stanfield Vitalis and Neil Rene, at a car wash, and gave them $4700 for marijuana. Orlando and Steven returned to the car wash later that day to pick up the drugs, however Stanfield and Neil never appeared. Orlando was able to contact Stanfield and Neil by phone and the two local drug dealers claimed they had been robbed.

Using the phone number, Orland was able to locate an address and Orlando, Steven, and Orlando’s brother Demetrius Hall, staked out the Arlington, Texas address. They eventually saw Stanfield and Neil exit an apartment and approach a car they had claimed was stolen along with the money.

On September 24, 1994, Orland had his partner Bruce come down to Texas. Orlando, Bruce, Steven, and Demetrius, all armed with weapons knocked on the door of the apartment they had previously seen Stanfield and Neil leave. Lisa Rene, Neil’s 16-year-old sister, refused the let the men into the apartment. Bruce attempted to kick down the door, but was unsuccessful. Demetrius went around the patio where he saw Lisa on the phone through the sliding glass door. Using a baseball bat, Bruce shattered the door, entered the apartment, and dragged Lisa out and into the car.

During the drive, Lisa was raped by Orlando. The group changed cars before continuing to drive to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. They rented a motel room in Pine Bluff, where Lisa was tied to a chair and raped repeatedly. Lisa begged to be let go and promised to repay the money her bother had stolen.

On September 25, 1994, Orlando and Marvin went to the hotel room and took Lisa into the bathroom for 15-20 minutes. When they came out, Orlando said, “She knows too much.” Orlando and Bruce went to Byrd Lake Park and dug a grave. That evening, Orlando, Bruce, and Steven took Lisa to the park but were unable to find the dug grave. They returned to the hotel room.

The next day, Steven and Demetrius moved Lisa to another hotel out of concern that the security guard at the first hotel was getting suspicious. Later that morning, Bruce, Orlando, and Steven again took Lisa to Byrd Lake Park and covered her eyes with a mask. This time they were able to locate the grave.

Orlando struck Lisa on the back of the head. She screamed and started running. Steven quickly grabbed her and hit her twice on the head with the shovel. Bruce and Orlando then took turns hitting her over the head with the shovel until she was unconscious. Bruce then gagged Lisa, stripped her, and put her in the grave. They dumped gasoline on her and put dirt on top of her, before returning to the motel and picking up Demetrius.

On September 29, 1994, an arrest warrant was issued in Arlington for Orlando, Demetrius, and Steven. Demetrius, Steven and Bruce were arrested a short time later. Orlando turned himself into the police the following day. Orlando later gave a written statement to the FBI and Arlington County officials.

Orlando was convicted and sentenced to death in November 1995. Bruce was convicted and sentenced to death in June 1996. Demetrius, Steven, and Marvin all pled guilty to kidnapping and agreed to testify against Orlando and Bruce. They were given various prison sentences in exchange for the their testimony.

Pray for peace and healing for the family of Lisa. Pray for strength for the family of Orlando.

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