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Christian Growth

A New Look…With a Little Help From Our Friends

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COME MONDAY, a play on Jimmy Buffett’s hit song title that fits the occasion,  AUGUST 15TH, 2021, THE FORGIVENESS  FOUNDATION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, Inc.,  will be releasing our exciting new website. Our goal is to make our website easy to use with content geared to the needs of the 22nd century Christian.  Please tell us what you like. Please tell us what you would like to see changed. Tell us what you would like to see that is missing at


COME MONDAY AUGST 15TH, 2021, THE FORGIVENESS FOUNDATION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, Inc.,  will release the first installment of an exciting, challenging and provocative series taking an in depth look at forgiveness and sin. Where does it all begin? It begins in a garden. The Garden of Eden. It revolves around a conversation between a serpent, a woman, and a man about the fruit of a certain tree. This first of the series looks at the fall of mankind from a state of perfection to his profound need for grace and mercy. A talking serpent!  (Christian Growth Series)


COME MONDAY AUGUST 15TH, 2021, THE FORGIVENESS FOUNDATION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, Inc. continues our tradition of posting a summary of the day’s Daily Bible Reading from our Journey through the Bible in One Year series. Follow our plan, join us if haven’t already, you too will read the entire Bible in one year. Discover God’d love, God’s forgiveness, and God’s message to all mankind by studying His Word daily with us! God has something very, very special, just for you. Come discover it!


COME WEDNESDAY, not a play on the title of a Jimmy Buffet hit song, SEPTEMBER 1, 2021, THE FORGIVENESS FOUNDATION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, Inc., continues our series, “Building UP LOVE, with the release of the latest installment in that series. Building Up Love is an in-depth look at love, as described by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.  See how God exemplifies all the characteristics of love and discover what what it means to love and be loved. 


As everyone on planet earth knows the last year was difficult on all of us in many different ways. Some of us lost loved ones. Others suffered the agony of going through a case of covid-19.  Many will suffer illness brought on by covid-19 for the rest of their lives. The world’s economy was turned upside down hurting and destroying many people financially. This has been a very tough time for us all.  Like all of you, we at THE FORGIVENESS FOUNDATION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, Inc., have faced our trials and need to ask our Christian family and friends for a little help to assist us overcome our financial need.  A gift of anywise is a blessing to our ministry.  Click the tab below to make a donation. Thank you for your generous support.

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