September 13, 2021, DAY 254: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Numbers 17-20

September 13, 2021


Today our journey through the Bible takes us through Numbers 17-20. Our journey begins with Aaron being chosen by the Lord and ends with his death.

Ask God for His understanding of Numbers 17-20. Read Numbers 17-20. Let’s journey!

Numbers, the fourth book of the Jewish Torah and of the Christians Old Testament, was written by Moses, who was recording events through which he lived. It picks up where Leviticus left off. The Israelites had been delivered from Egypt and had entered into a covenant with the Lord. They were concluding their one year stay at the base of Mt Sinai and were going to begin their journey to the Promised Land. The book of Numbers shows God’s faithfulness to the Israelites, while also delivering judgement on those who choose to walk away from Him.

Numbers 17-20: Our journey begins with the Lord choosing Aaron, out of the 12 leaders of the tribes of Israel. God then describes the duties and responsibilities of the Levites, who are the priests and care for the house of the Lord. The Lord also gives instructions for the offerings, and how the Levites are to be provided for, as they will not have land due to their work serving the Lord. God describes cleanliness and uncleanliness. Moses and Aaron are barred from the Promised Land after disobeying the Lord. Aaron’s death comes about at the end of today’s reading, but not before Moses and the Israelites seek permission, which was denied, from the king of Edom to pass through his land. God did not tell Moses to seek permission. (Numbers 17:1-20:29)

After reading chapters 17 through 20, consider the following: How does God show His faithfulness to the Israelites? Do the Israelites recognized God’s faithfulness? Think back on your own life and to a time when you were faithless to God, or grumbled against Him. Can you see how God remained faithful and continued to help and provide for you? Can you see God’s faithfulness in your life now?


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