October 5, 2021, DAY 276: JOURNEY THROGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: 2 Chronicles 11-15

October 5, 2021


Our journey today looks at the reigns of Rehoboam, Abijah, and Asa, as kings of Judah. We also see Jeroboam, king of Israel.

Take a moment and pray, asking for understanding of today’s reading. Read 2 Chronicles 11-15. Let’s journey!

The Books of First and Second Chronicles, which were originally written as one book and later divided due to length, chronicles the entire history of Israel up to that point, beginning with Adam, and ending with the return of the Israelites from exile. Its author is unknown, although clues in the text reveal that it was written several hundred years after the return from exile. In the Jewish order of Scriptures, this book comes after the Ezra and Nehemiah, both of which chronicle the return of the Israelites to Jerusalem. This book was written to provide hope for the promised Messiah, and hope for the new temple.

2 Chronicles 11-15: The nation of Israel is divided into the southern kingdom, Judah, and the northern kingdom, Israel. We begin with the reign of Rehoboam, son of Solomon, who ruled over Judah, containing the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Rehoboam attempts to attack and reunite the two kingdoms, however God, through a prophet tells him to not attack fellow Israelites. Although Rehoboam listens, he still leads the nation of Judah into idolatry, earning the wrath of the Lord. The Lord’s temple is ransacked and many of the kingdom’s riches plundered by Egypt. Rehoboam is followed by his son Abijah. Abijah battled against Jeroboam, king of Israel, and won. When Abijah died, he was followed by his son Asa, who, unlike his father, sought the will of the Lord. Asa attempted to return the people of Judah to worship of the Lord. (2 Chronicles 11:1-15:19)

After reading chapters 11 through 15, consider the following: Who is focused on in today’s reading? Keeping in mind who this book was written for, why would it have been important to know this history? How could it help provide hope for the future and God fulfilling His promise to Israel? What can we learn about God, His promises, and the future from studying this history?


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