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Patrick Hannon, Florida

Patrick Hannon, Florida

November 8, 2017

Patrick HannonThe state of Florida executed Patrick Charles Hannon on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Patrick was pronounced dead at 8:50 pm local time, inside the execution chamber at the Florida State Penitentiary, near Raiford, Florida. His execution was delayed for over two hours due to appeals. He was 53 years of age. Patrick murdered Brandon Snider and Robert Carter on January 10, 1991, in Tampa, Florida. Patrick spent the last 16 years of his life on Florida’s death row.

On January 10, 1991, Jim Acker, Ron Richardson, and Patrick Hannon went to the apartment of Brandon Snider in Tampa, Florida. Acker wanted revenge on Brandon, who had previously dated his sister, Tori Acker. Over Christmas, after Brandon and Tori had separated, Brandon broke into Tori’s Indiana home and vandalized her bedroom. Brandon then returned to Tampa, Florida, where he lived with his roommate, Robert Carter.

Hannon knocked on Brandon’s door, while Acker hid nearby. When Brandon opened the door, Acker attacked him with a knife, repeatedly stabbing Brandon. While being attacked, Brandon screamed for his roommate Robert to call the police. To silence him, Acker cut his throat, resulting in Brandon’s death. Robert attempted to hide in his bedroom after seeing what was happening. Hannon chased Robert into the bedroom and shot him six times at close range, also killing him.

Police arrested Richardson and Hannon a short time later. Richardson agreed to testify against Hannon in exchange for a lesser charge and reduced sentence. During his testimony, Richardson identified Acker as the third man with them that night. Richardson received a 14-month prison sentence. Acker received two life sentences. Hannon received the death penalty.

Pray for peace and healing for the families of Brandon and Robert. Pray for strength for the family of Patrick Hannon.

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