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Arnold Prieto Executed in Texas

Arnold Prieto, Texas

January 21, 2015

Arnold Prieto Texas executed Arnold Prieto on Wednesday, January 21, 2015. Arnold was pronounced dead at 6:31 pm, inside the Walls Unit execution chamber of the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Forty-one-year-old Arnold was convicted of murdering 72-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez and his wife, 62-year-old Virginia Rodriguez and 90-year-old Paula Moran, on September 11, 1993, in San Antonio, Texas. Arnold spent the last 19 years of his life on Texas’ death row.

Arnold was the eldest of four children. He was physically abused by his father and witnessed his father abusing his mother. Arnold did not finish high school and was punished when he brought home poor grades.

Rodolfo and Virginia Rodriguez were the great-uncle and great-aunt of Guadalupe and Jessie Hernandez, friends of Arnold Prieto who supplied him with cocaine. Rodolfo and Virginia operated a check-cashing business out of their home. Paula Moran used to be a nanny to their kids before living with them.

On September 11, 1993, Prieto, Guadalupe, and Jessie, were high on cocaine when they traveled from Carrollton to San Antonio and decided to rob the Rodriguez’s business. During the crime, Rodolfo was stabbed 17 times, Virginia was stabbed 31 times, and Paula was stabbed eight times. All died from their injuries, which were caused by a variety of weapons, including a knife, screwdriver, and possibly an ice pick. The trio also robbed the home.

Prieto was convicted and sentenced to death. Jessie was ineligible for the death penalty because he was 16 years of age at the time of the crime. Guadalupe had all charges dropped against him because there was insufficient evidence.

Please pray for peace and healing for the families of Rodolfo and Virginia Rodriguez and Paula Moran. Please pray for strength for the family of Arnold Prieto.

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