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Walter Storey Executed in Missouri

Walter Storey, Missouri

February 11, 2015

Walter StoreyMissouri executed Walter Timothy Storey on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. Walter was pronounced dead at 12:10 am, inside the execution chamber at Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Corrections Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri. He was 47 years of age. Walter was convicted of murdering 36-year-old Jill Frey in her St. Charles, Missouri apartment on February 2, 1990. Walter spent the last 23 years of his life on Missouri’s death row.

Walter had previously worked as a boat builder.  He was unemployed at the time of the murder and he had no prior prison record.

On Friday, February 2, 1990, Walter Storey received a divorce petition from his estranged wife. That night, he drank heavily. Either later Friday night or very early Saturday morning, Storey ran out of alcohol in the apartment he shared with his mother. Storey decided to rob his neighbor, Jill Frey, a special education teacher.

Storey climbed up Jill’s balcony and entered her apartment through an unlocked sliding glass door. He brutally beat Jill, tearing off an eyelid, fracturing five ribs, stabbing her at least five times, and injuring her forehead, nose, cheeks, scalp, lips, and tongue. Jill also had defensive wounds on her arms and hands. Jill had two fatal neck wounds, which cut through into her spine. After killing Jill, Storey stole her car keys, purse, and car.

The following day, Storey returned to the apartment and attempted to wipe down the apartment and cover up any evidence, including scrubbing Jill’s fingernails, throwing away bloody clothing, and disposing of other evidence, including stolen items. Jill’s body was found after she failed to show up for work on Monday.

Storey confessed to stealing from Jill, however, he claimed that he did not kill her. Instead, Storey insisted that he was forced to kill Jill by another man. Storey was convicted and sentenced to death on November 26, 1991.

Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Jill Frey. Please pray for the family of Walter Storey.

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