November 10, 2021, DAY 312: JOURNEY THROGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Psalms 128-130

November 10, 2021

PSALMS 128-130

Today’s journey continues our study in the book of Psalms. We continue looking at the Songs of Ascents. These psalms (songs) were sang by pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem for holy feasts.

Take a moment and pray, seeking understanding for today’s reading. Read Psalms 128-130. Let’s journey!

As we journey through the fifth and final book of Psalms, remember that nearly every psalm can be classified as a psalm of Lament or a psalm of praise. A lament is cry to the Lord, asking Him to do something, most often when we are in pain, confused, or angry. A psalm of praise is a prayer of joy and celebration, thanking the Lord for His work.

Psalms 128-130: The authors of today’s psalms are not recorded. Psalm 128 praises the blessings of the Lord. Psalm 129 is a prayer for the oppressors to be punished. Psalm 130 is a cry to Lord. (Psalms 128:1-130:8)

Read chapters 128-130 and ask yourself these questions: Are these psalms of lament or praise? How do you know? What do these psalms teach you about the Lord God? Take a moment and offer up to the Lord God at least one praise and one lament from your own life.


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