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Alfredo Prieto Executed in Virginia

Alfredo Prieto, Virginia

October 1, 2015

Alfredo PrietoAlfredo Rolando Prieto was executed by the state of Virginia on Thursday, October 1, 2015. He was pronounced dead at 9:17 pm, at the Greenville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia. Alfredo was 49 years of age. Alfredo was executed for the rape and murder of 22-year-old Rachel A. Raver and the murder of 22-year-old Warren H. Fulton, III.  They were last seen alive on December 4, 1988. Their bodies were discovered two days later in Fairfax, Virginia. Alfredo has spent the last seven years of his life on Virginia’s death row.

Alfredo was born and spent part of his childhood in El Salvador, which was in the midst of a civil war. By the time Alfredo was a teenager, he and his family were living in California, where Alfredo became a member of the Pomona Northside gang.

On December 4, 1988, two Georgetown University students, Rachel Raver and Warren Fulton were seen leaving a local restaurant in Washington, DC. Two days later, their bodies were discovered in a deserted area near Reston, Virginia. Investigators determined that Warren was shot in the back of the head and Rachel was shot while trying to escape. As she lay bleeding to death, Prieto raped her. Prieto then fled to California.

In 1990, 15-year-old Yvette Woodruff was raped and murdered in Ontario, California. Prieto was charged and convicted of her murder.  He then received a death sentence in 1992. While in prison in California, Prieto’s DNA was entered into a national database.  In 2005, his DNA was matched to a cold case in Virginia: the rape and murder of Rachel and the murder of Warren. Prieto was extradited to Virginia to stand trial.  He was convicted and given two death sentences, along with various prison terms for charges related to the murders.

Through DNA evidence, Prieto has also been linked to the rape and murder of 24-year-old Veronica “Tina” Jefferson in Arlington, Virginia in May of 1988; the murder of 27-year-old Manuel F. Sermeno in Prince William County, Virginia in September of 1989; the rape and murder of 19-year-old Stacey Siegrist and the murder of 21-year-old Tony Gianuzzi in Riverside County, California in the spring of 1990; and the murder of 71-year-old Lula Farley and 65-year-old Herbert Farley, which also occurred in the spring of 1990, in Riverside County, California. Ballistic evidence also linked several of the crimes.

Please pray for peace and healing for the families of Rachel Raver, Warren Fulton, Tina Jefferson, Manuel Sermeno, Stacey Siegrist, Tony Gianuzzi, and Herbert and Lula Farley. Please pray for the family of Alfredo Prieto.

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