Matthew 1-2: Day 007: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

January 8, 2022

Matthew 1-2
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Day 007: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: 1:18-25

Ask the Lord for His understanding of Matthew 1-2. Read Matthew 1-2. Let’s journey!

MatthewCommentary: The book of Matthew serves a dual purpose. First, Matthew was written as a record of the life of Christ. Secondly, evidence points to the intended recipients of the book as Jews. Matthew contains many references to Old Testament prophecies showing how Jesus fulfilled these prophecies.  This book also shows that Jesus was the long-awaited, prophesied Messiah. Matthew begins by detailing the genealogy of Joseph, tracing his lineage back to David, which fulfills one of the prophecies which foretold the birth of Christ. A second prophecy is fulfilled upon the revelation that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus’ birth was truly miraculous for no other has been born in such a manner!

But don’t forget the first several years of His life as well!  Jesus escaped several attempts to kill Him when He was just a child. Following Jesus’ birth, which occurred approximately 4 BC, Magi (wise men) came to worship Him and presented Him with gifts including gold, representative of kingship; incense, representative of the priesthood; and myrrh, representative of His forthcoming death. Mary and Joseph were soon forced to flee Bethlehem for Egypt, as instructed by an angel of the Lord, in order to avoid Herod who was seeking to murder the newborn King of Kings. The gold presented by the Magi could have been used to finance this trip.  

Focus Verses: 1:18-25 – Have you ever been called to do something for which you felt unprepared? Have you ever struggled to understand why you? No doubt Mary and Joseph felt the same. Take heart! If God has called you, He will provide a way! What are you being called to do?

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