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Chadwick Banks, Florida

Chadwick Banks, Florida

Chadwicks BanksChadwick D. Banks was executed by the state of Florida on November 13, 2014. He was pronounced dead at 7:27 pm local time, inside the execution chamber at the Florida State Penitentiary near Raiford, Florida. He was 43 years of age. Chadwick was executed for the murder of his wife Cassandra Banks, and the rape and murder of his step-daughter, 10-year-old Melody Cooper on September 24, 1992, in Gadsden County, Florida. He confessed to the crimes.

Chadwick was a high school band member and had no reported behavioral problems. He received a general discharge from the Army after assaulting a Korean officer with a deadly weapon while on duty. A few days before the murders, he received a raise at Fiberstone Quarries, where he worked as a production crew leader, supervising four other employees.

Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Cassandra and Melody. Please pray for the family of Chadwick. Chadwick gave a written final statement, which included his Muslim name, Magbul Abdur-Rahiym.


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