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DBR 2022

Genesis 12-15: Day 023: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

January 24, 2022

Genesis 12-15
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Day 023: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Genesis 15:6

Before reading Genesis 12-15, pray for understanding of today’s reading. Read Genesis 12-15. Let’s journey!

GenesisCommentary: In today’s reading, Abram (Abraham) is introduced. No longer are we seeing how the Lord deals with the entire human race, but rather one man and his family. God asks for a great sacrifice of Abram but promises an even greater reward. For everything that Abram is asked to give up, the Lord promises to return to him. This promise becomes the Abrahamic Covenant. Abram did not question the Lord. He didn’t question God’s direction. He got his things together and left. Abram believed in God’s promise. Abram’s journey begins with a trip to Egypt and we learn how Lot came to be in Sodom. Abram and Lot (Abram’s nephew who was traveling with him) settled in their respective lands and lived as neighbors in peace. Lot, his family, servants, and all of his possessions are taken captive by the three kings that waged war against Sodom. Abram rescues Lot, his family, servants, and all of Lot’s possessions. Lot returns to Sodom.

Focus Verses: Genesis 15:6 Paul would go on to use this example in his writings, showing that faith predates the Law of Moses. Why was Abram’s faith valued? Are you obedient in your belief? How does it relate to your life today?

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