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DBR 2022

Joshua 16-20: Day 024: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

January 25, 2022

Joshua 16-20
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Day 024: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Joshua 20:1-6

Take a moment and pray, asking for understanding of today’s reading. Read Joshua 16-20. Let’s journey!

JoshuaCommentary: Who got what? Where? In the reading of Joshua’s division of the land among the 12 tribes of Israel, it is easy to become confused. Reference a map for help! As part of the division, Cities of Refuge are also established to protect individuals from false charges and ensure the chance to stand trial. There were six Cities of Refuge set about Israel in a manner that no matter where you were you could get to one in a day. The trails to the City of Refuge were marked with signs and diligently maintained. It was apparent that everyone understood the importance of the Cities of Refuge and the importance of getting to them if necessary. The Cities of Refuge protected the wrongly accused and the avengers of blood from becoming murders.

Focus Verses: Joshua 20:1-6 Why were the cities of refuge important? How do they show God’s concern for His people?


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