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DBR 2022

Matthew 11-13: Day 035: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

February 5, 2022

Matthew 11-13
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Day 035: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Matthew 13:54-57

Take some time to pray about today’s journey, Matthew 11-13. Pray, asking God to help you understand the true meaning of His intended meaning, Read Matthew 11-13. Let’s journey!

MatthewCommentary: Prophecies are difficult to interpret because they are not always fulfilled in an obvious manner, as is the case with John and Elijah. There are also those who see the miracles of Christ and yet refuse to repent and believe, such as the Pharisees. John the Baptist and Jesus stirred up the hierarchy of the Jewish religious leadership, by John the Baptist’s preaching the Messiah is coming and Jesus preaching that He, in fact, was the long-awaited Messiah. It seems that the only issue considered, by their opponents, was what it would cost in status and position. Jesus continues to be followed by a crowd hungry for His teachings through parables. Parables are stories that lend themselves to a greater meaning than obvious facts of the story depict. The parables told in chapter 13 depict two principal themes: one is the way a person lives his life ultimately determines that person’s eternal destination. The second is about the separation of sinners from the righteous when Jesus returns to reign over His eternal Kingdom. Read our study on the parable of the Sower here.

Focus Verses: Matthew 13:54-57 What a sad day this was for Jesus! People He grew up with were unwilling to see what was right in front of them. What have you been missing? What have you been unwilling to look past

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