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DBR 2022

Job 13-14: Day 047: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

February 17, 2022

Job 13-14
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Day 047: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Job 13:6-12

Before beginning our journey today, stop and pray, asking God for wisdom in understanding Job 13-14. Read Job 13-14. Let’s journey!

JobCommentary: At the end of Joshua, we saw a clear example of how the actions of one or the few can affect all. This was a prominent thought throughout much of the Old Testament. Job, however, offers a shift in that thinking. Job contends that he is being judged on his own actions and that it only affects him. It is a shift in thinking, from a group mentality to an individual mentality, which many hold today. Job goes on to express his belief that his friends can no longer help him. We also see Job recognizing the fragility and shortness of life and crying out to the Lord to have mercy. Today’s reading concludes the first group of speeches; one from each of Job’s three friends, and Job’s response to each. The friend’s repeating theme is to repent and seek the Lord’s forgiveness, for Job has surely sinned. Job’s theme is that his situation is unique, which his friends fail to realize, and that he has done no wrong.

Focus Verses: Job 13:6-12 According to Jewish law, there must be two witnesses, in complete agreement, to convict someone of a crime, yet none of Job’s friends can point to even one sin committed by Job. Is Job correct in his accusation? How quick are you to judge in situations where you do not have all the facts?

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