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DBR 2022

Job 17-18: Day 061: Journey Through the Bible in One Year

March 3, 2022

Job 17-18
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Day 061: Journey Through the Bible in One Year
Focus Verses for Today: Job 18:2-4

Take a few minutes to pray, asking God to share His wisdom with you concerning today’s journey through Job. Read Job 17-18 and let our journey begin.

JobCommentary: Job continues to lament his situation. He is beaten down and tired, receiving little support from his friends, who continue to insist that he must have sinned! Bildad did not understand Job’s circumstance and used the power of strong language as a fear tactic to coerce Job to admit that he was living a sin-filled life. Bildad did not perceive Job had no secret sin he was trying to keep from God. He could not understand that Job needed encouragement and not criticism, because Bildad looked at Job’s circumstances and not at Job himself. In fairness to Bildad, it appears that Jewish people of that time viewed a person’s closeness to God based on that person’s material blessings. In light of the fact that all of Job’s family and possessions were taken, it appeared that God was chastening Job. Bildad relied on his own understanding rather than seeking the counsel of God.

Focus Verses: Job 18:2-4 – Bildad believes that Job must have sinned against the Lord since he is suffering and appears insulted that Job would insist otherwise. In return, Bildad lashes out at Job. Have you ever behaved as Bildad, believing so strongly that you are right, that you lashed out, never considering that you were wrong? Are you willing to admit when you are wrong? Consider your strongly held beliefs. Have you sought God’s wisdom on them?