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DBR 2022

Job 19-20: Day 068: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

March 10, 2022

Job 19-20
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Day 068: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Job 20:1-3

Take some time to pray, asking God to reveal Himself to you through His Word, and for an understanding of today’s reading. Read Job 19-20. Let’s journey!

JobCommentary: Job is full of complaints in chapter 19. His wife, his family, his closest friends, have all turned their backs on him. Even his servants ignore him. Job has lost contact with those he loved and trusted because they viewed Job, they judged Job, Job’s value to them, was only his outward appearance. His wife, his family, and his closest friends did not know Job. In Job’s confused state, Job still knew that one day he would meet his redeemer. This is faith.

Zophar responds to Job for the second and final time. He sees Job as arrogant and is convinced that Job is guilty of sin. Zophar has a very narrow understanding of God and a much narrower view of Job’s predicament: Job is a sinner and God’s retribution for Job’s sin has caught him. Zophar believes that bad things only happen to sinners. Perhaps his narrow-mindedness is the reason Zophar did not make a third speech.

Focus Verses: Job 20:1-3 – These verses are Zophar’s response to Job’s complaints, including complaints against his friends. Zophar believes he is wise, wiser than Job. Has there ever been a time when you thought you understood a situation, only to find out later that your assumptions were wrong? What caused your erroneous judgment? How can you keep from making the same mistake as Zophar?

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