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DBR 2022

Mark 1-2: Day 077: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

March 19, 2022

Mark 1-2
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Day 077: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Mark 1:31, 41

Take some time to ask God to grant you His understanding of our journey through chapters 1 and 2 of Mark. Read Mark 1-2. Let’s begin!

MarkCommentary: The Book of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels and written for Gentiles, especially the Romans, showing Jesus as the ultimate servant and a person of action. While Mark skips much of Jesus’ linage, he does, in the first verse, completely identify Jesus Christ, acknowledging His humanity and divinity. Jesus was the first true prophet to call disciples to follow Him. As the Son of God, only he had that authority. Jesus also spoke with authority. He did not teach using the ideas or quotes of other rabbis, instead of giving His own, true interpretations of the Scriptures. Jesus cast out demons with authority; He commanded and the demons listened! Jesus healed through compassion. How often did he touch an individual before healing? One of the lessons He was teaching through this was that serving is also a form of discipleship. Jesus also frequently showed disregard for the Pharisees’ rules because they were the laws of man, not the Laws of God. The Pharisees viewed anyone who failed to follow their strict interpretations of the law as sinners.

Focus Verses: Mark 1:31, 41 – Jesus often touched an individual before healing them. Sick individuals were outcasts in society. They were rarely touched, embraced, or shown compassion. He was healing deeper than just physical needs. Why is it important to show compassion today? How do you show compassion to those around you?

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