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DBR 2022

Exodus 1-4: Day 093: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

April 4, 2022

Exodus 1-4
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Day 093: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Exodus 3:11,13; 4:1,10,13

Take some time to seek the Lord’s understanding of Exodus 1-4. Read Exodus 1-4 and, as you read, listen for God to speak to you through His word. Let’s journey!

ExodusCommentary: Exodus begins approximately 350 years after the final events of Genesis. The Egyptians no longer remembered Joseph and all that he did for the nation. The Israelites are now oppressed in a foreign land, with no one to save them but the Lord. Pharaoh, not satisfied with making the Israelites slaves, ordered that all the male babies of Israel were to be murdered at birth by their midwives. The midwives refused. Pharaoh then ordered Egyptians to murder all young male Israelite children. Moses is born and escapes the murder of all the young children to be raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. Raised as an Egyptian, Moses grew up and killed another Egyptian for beating a Hebrew. Fleeing for his life, Moses arrives in Midian, marries Zipporah, and begins work as a shepherd for her father, Jethro.

While working as a shepherd, God comes to Moses, appearing as a burning bush. God tells Moses that He, God, has heard the cries of His people Israel coming from Egypt. God tells Moses that he has been selected to deliver His people from Egypt, and the tyranny of the Pharaoh. Moses was not receptive to God’s plan for his life, arguing with God! God allows Moses to use Aaron as a speaker, however, we will later see God’s wisdom in only wanting a single leader for his people.

Focus Verses: Exodus 3:11,13; 4:1,10,13 Moses is remembered as a great leader of Israel, but he was quite resistant to the role. Are you like Moses? Resisting the plan God has for you? What steps are you taking towards accepting God’s plan for your life?

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