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1 Samuel 16-20: Day 094: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

April 5, 2022

1 Samuel 16-20
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Day 094: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: 1 Samuel 17:28-33

Take some time to ask the Lord to reveal the true meaning of His word to you as we journey today through 1 Samuel 16-20.  Read 1 Samuel 16-20, carefully listening for what the Lord may be sharing with you.  Let’s journey!

1 SamuelCommentary: Saul has been rejected as King of Israel by the Lord and David has been anointed to take Saul’s place, however, the transfer of power is anything but peaceful. David is the most unexpected successor, so unimportant that he was not even summoned to the meeting where Samuel would select the next king! David becomes a warrior braver than the entire Israelite army under Saul, who were all cowering in fear from the Philistine giant, Goliath. Using a single pebble from a nearby creek bed, David slays the giant. King Saul becomes concerned about this shepherd boy turned warrior.

King Saul becomes even more discontented when Samuel reveals that David will be the new king of Israel. A fickle King Saul tries to entice David into his control through bribery, marriage to King Saul’s daughter Michal, and, when that didn’t work, King Saul decided shepherd boy David must be killed. The Spirit of the Lord had left King Saul and Saul had given himself over to unrepentant sin.

Focus Verses: 1 Samuel 17:28-33 – Do you ever feel small? Unimportant? Useless? Completely forgettable? God can and will use you! David was the youngest, weakest, smallest brother. Unimportant and forgettable. But not to the Lord! Look how far David rose! God does not look at our outward characteristics but at our hearts. What is the condition of your heart? How are you reacting to the Lord? What is his plan for your life?

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