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DBR 2022

Job 31-32: Day 110: Journey Through the Bible in One Year

April 21, 2022

Job 31-32
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Day 110: Journey Through the Bible in One Year
Focus Verses for Today: Job 32:6-9

Seek God’s direction and understanding of Job 31-32. Read Job 31-32. Let’s journey!

JobCommentary: Chapter 31 concludes Job’s five-chapter speech. Job continues to claim his innocence, specifically denying several sins. Job’s speech, and swearing of its truthfulness, stuns his friends into silence. Elihu, the youngest of the friends who had not yet spoken, finally rises to speak. As the youngest, Elihu was not expected to speak, but to sit by quietly. Elihu first apologizes for speaking, but then claims that he is divinely inspired.

Focus Verses: Job 32:6-9 – Elihu respected the other men, allowing them to speak without interruption from him, as they were older and wiser. Do age and wisdom correlate? How so? Should you follow Elihu’s example? What have you learned from this passage?

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