Friday, April 19, 2024

Jerry Martin Executed in Texas

Jerry Martin, Texas

Jerry MartinJerry Duane Martin was executed by the state of Texas on December 3, 2013. He was pronounced dead at 6:27 pm CST, inside the Wall Unit execution chamber at the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Jerry was 43 years of age. He was executed for the murder of 59-year-old prison guard Susan Louise Carpenter Canfield on September 24, 2007, during an attempted escape from Wynne Unit in Huntsville, Texas. At the time of the attempted escape, Jerry was serving a 50-year sentence for murder, a 40-year sentence for another murder, a 10-year sentence for aggravated assault, and a 10-year sentence for failure to appear.

Jerry frequently moved as a child and rarely saw his father. At the age of 11, Jerry attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself. He began using drugs and alcohol while he was a teenager. Jerry dropped out of school after the 10th grade, likely due to a drug and alcohol problem. Before his arrest, Jerry worked construction.

Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Susan Canfield and any others who were hurt by Jerry’s actions. Please pray for the family of Jerry. As part of his final words, Jerry acknowledged God as the “ultimate judge.”

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