Tuesday, November 28, 2023
DBR 2022

Job 41-42: Day 145: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

May 26, 2022

Job 41-42
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Day 145: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Job 42:1-6

Ask God for His understanding of Job 41-42. Read Job 41-42. Let’s journey!

JobCommentary: God continues explaining to Job who He, God, is and what He has done and can do. God asks Job if he can do the same and if he understands God and His works. Job recognizes his mistake in questioning the Lord God. Job seeks to humble himself before the Lord. God condemns Job’s three friends for saying and believing that only the wicked are punished by the Lord. The friends are restored through burnt offerings. Job offers a prayer for his three friends. Job’s possessions are restored and he has seven more sons and three more daughters.

Focus Verses: Job 42:1-6 – Do you recognize and acknowledge when you have been wrong? Do you apologize to the Lord for questioning Him and His ways?

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