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DBR 2022

Luke 5-6: Day 147: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

May 28, 2022

Luke 5-6
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Day 147: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Luke 6:12-16

Before we begin our journey today, take some time to stop and pray. Seek God’s wisdom for today’s reading. Read Luke 5-6. Let’s journey!

LukeCommentary: Jesus nearly always touched individuals to heal them. It was an act of great compassion, as an unclean person (sick) could not be touched until they were declared clean. Jesus, however, could not be made unclean by touching the sick. How much must that touch have meant!! Jesus further went against the religious rules of the day by eating with tax collectors, even calling one to be a disciple! Following Jesus meant and still means going outside your comfort zone and refusing to conform what how others try and dictate how you should behave. Jesus, as the perfect Son of God, is not bound by earthly laws, especially in the way the Pharisees required. This frequently led to the Pharisees trying to undermine the power of Jesus. For example, Jesus and His disciples did not fast and would pick grain on the Sabbath. Jesus was not leading His disciples into sin, but rather showing the truth. Fasting was not needed while He was on earth. Using an example from King David, basic human needs, such as hunger, trumps religious laws. Jesus did not choose His disciples arbitrarily. He relied upon guidance from His father, which He gained through prayer. Although similar in content to the infamous Sermon on the Mount, it is not, as Jesus is on a level place, however, Jesus likely preached the same sermon, or a variant thereof, multiple times. We are to follow divine examples, not human traditions.

Focus Verses: Luke 6:12-16 – Jesus placed a high priority on prayer, through example. Do you follow His example? How important is prayer in your life? Do you desire prayer, need prayer in your everyday life?

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