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DBR 2022

John 7-9: Day 238: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

August 27, 2022

John 7-9
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Day 238: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: John 9:24-34

Ask the Lord for His understanding of John 7-9. Read John 7-9. Let’s journey!

JohnCommentary: Jesus, unlike others in His life, was content to wait for God’s perfect timing. Jesus did not announce Himself or who He was, but rather let His teachings speak for Him. We are not to judge others without first examining ourselves. We are to trust in the Lord for everything: salvation, forgiveness, freedom, and understanding. The records we have of Jesus’ teachings are not all He said, as He taught for long periods of time and more often than was recorded. We must study the teachings that we do have so that we may come to a full understanding of what Jesus was teaching.

Focus Verses: John 9:24-34 – The Pharisees refused to see and acknowledge the truth – even when it was right in front of them! Are you stubborn? Unwilling to admit when you are wrong? Are you ignoring what God is trying to tell you? Open your eyes!

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