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DBR 2022

Numbers 13-16: Day 247: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

September 5, 2022

Numbers 13-16
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Day 247: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Numbers 13:31-14:4

Ask God for His understanding of Numbers 13-16. Read Numbers 13-16. Let’s journey!

NumbersCommentary: The Israelites showed a lack of faith by asking for spies to be sent into the Promised Land. Do you really think God did not know what was in the land He was giving to His children? Their lack of faith was further compounded by the unfavorable reports of the spies, which caused the Israelites to further doubt the Lord.  This resulted in their suffering and being denied entrance into the Promised Land. Of course, once they learned their punishment, the Israelites changed their minds and wanted to follow the Lord’s instructions, but it was too late. They had already demonstrated their lack of faith.  But God did not forget His people or His promise. He provided instructions for them on what they were to do when they finally entered the Promised Land. God also reveals that sin is sin. There are no different levels (or severity) of sin.

Chapter 16 occurs during the time spent in the wilderness, although we do not know how long the Israelites had been wandering. A prominent Levite priest, Korah, led a rebellion, laying false charges against Moses out of jealousy. Korah ends up being guilty of doing exactly what he accuses Moses of doing.  Korah accesses Moses taking too much upon himself, responsibility which was not given by the Lord! Although the people may have thought they were complaining against Moses and Aaron, they were complaining against God because He appointed them. Since Korah and his followers attempted to divide the nation of Israel, God divided the earth and it swallowed them. Not everyone is called by God to be a leader or hold a prominent position. We are to perform the task asked of us and not assume more.

Focus Verses: Numbers 13:31-14:4 – Have you ever demonstrated a lack of faith or failed to follow through on instructions from the Lord? What were the consequences? Have you repented? Have you ever demonstrated your faith? What were the results?

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