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DBR 2022

Nahum 1-3: Day 293: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

October 21, 2022

Nahum 1-3
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Day 293: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Nahum 1:2-11

Ask the Lord for His understanding of Nahum 1-3. Read Nahum 1-3. Let’s journey!

NahumCommentary: Nahum foretells the destruction of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian empire. Nineveh was also the city Jonah was sent to. Jonah convinced the whole city to repent of their ways and turn to the Lord. However, by the time of Nahum (100-150 years later), the Ninevites had returned to paganism. Nahum describes the Lord as slow to anger, but not leaving the guilty unpunished.

Focus Verses: Nahum 1:2-11 – How is the Lord God described? How does this description make you feel? Why is it important to know and understand the character of God? What have you learned about the Lord from today’s reading?

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