Wednesday, November 29, 2023
DBR 2022

Acts 11-12: Day 308: Journey Through the Bible in a Year

November 5, 2022

Acts 11-12
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Day 308: Journey Through the Bible in a Year
Focus Verses for Today: Acts 12:21-23

Ask the Lord for His understanding of Acts 11-12. Read Acts 11-12. Let’s journey!

ActsCommentary: Peter continues his journey and ministry to the Gentiles, however, not all in Jerusalem embraced the news with which he returned, especially those who insisted upon continuing to uphold all Jewish traditions, including circumcision. Peter carefully explained what the Lord had shown him. The execution of Stephen had shaken many believers, causing them to only preach to the Jews, yet the word of God could not be kept silent! It spread throughout the Jews and Gentiles. Barnabas and Saul were sent to help the growing church at Antioch.

Chapter 12 begins with the death of James and the arrest of Peter. An angel of the Lord helped Peter escape. Peter surprised his fellow believers by showing up on their doorstep! Herod was furious and put to death the prison guards assigned to watch Peter. Nearly a year after Peter’s escape, Herod was struck down after giving a public speech to which the people ascribed deity to him. Since Herod did not deny it, he was killed, painfully according to Jewish historians. (Luke writes this book in mostly chronological order, although he occasionally foregoes chronology to make a spiritual point. He also skips over large chunks of time).

Focus Verses: Acts 12:21-23 – Why was Herod killed? Have you ever taken more praise upon yourself than you should? Repent, seek forgiveness. What does this teach you about the Lord?

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