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Robert Fratta Executed in Texas on January 10, 2023

Robert Fratta, Texas

Updated: Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Robert Fratta

Texas executed Robert Alan Fratta on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.  Robert was pronounced dead at 7:49 pm local time inside the Walls Unit execution chamber at the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas.  He was 65 years of age.  His execution was delayed several hours due to appeals. Robert was executed for hiring someone to murder his 34-year-old wife, Farah. Farah was killed on November 9, 1994, outside of her home in Harris County, Texas. Robert has been on death row in Texas for the last 26 years.

Robert was born in New York. He graduated high school and had some higher education. He worked as a public safety officer in Missouri City, Texas before his arrest.

In 1983, Robert and Farah were married. They had three children while they were together. In March 1992, Farah filed for divorce from Robert. Initially, according to several friends, Robert did not want a divorce and was convinced that their issues could be resolved if Farah would agree to an “open marriage.” Farah would not agree and proceed with seeking a divorce on the grounds of cruelty. Robert claimed that Farah was making up lies about him.

Farah was seeking primary custody of the children, which Robert did not oppose. However, as divorce proceedings continued, Robert became more and more upset with Farah. Robert was also unhappy paying child support, eventually deciding he wanted primary custody of the children so that Farah would pay child support. Robert began frequently referring to Farah in a derogatory manner. He also began talking about how he would not have to pay child support if Farah were dead. A trial date to determine custody was set for November 28, 1994.

Robert began asking friends and acquaintances if they would kill Farah. Eventually, Robert hired Joseph Prystash and Howard Guidry to murder his wife. Guidry, the triggerman, was to receive $3,000 for the crime. Prystash was to receive a vehicle for being the getaway driver. Robert provided them with an itinerary of Farah’s daily activities.

On the evening of November 9, 1994, Robert took his children to church and while they were in their classes, he attended a parents’ meeting, something he usually did not do. During the meeting, Robert repeatedly left to make and receive phone calls.

Farah arrived home around 8 pm. A shot rang out, and neighbors across the street looked out their open window, which overlooked Farah’s house and garage. The neighbors testified that Farah screamed and fell to the ground when another shot rang out. A short time later, a silver or gray car picked up the shooter, who was standing in the shadows of the house. The neighbors called the police, who immediately noticed that Farah’s purse was undisturbed. Farah was pronounced dead that night at the hospital.

When police spoke with Robert after he arrived on the scene, they noted that he did not show any signs of sadness, concern, or surprise. Upon further speaking with him, the police felt Robert was being deceptive. With his permission, police searched his car. Police found a gun, cash in an envelope, and Farah’s personal address book and diary.

In March 1995, Guidry was arrested on unrelated charges, although he was suspected in Farah’s murder. Guidry’s girlfriend told police about his involvement in Farah’s murder. Guidry eventually confessed to the crime, and also implicated Robert and Prystash. Prystach also confessed. Both men were sentenced to death.

Robert Fratta was convicted and sentenced to death for his part in arranging Farah’s murder.

Pray for peace for the family of Farah Fratta. Pray for strength for the family of Robert Fratta.

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