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Oklahoma Executes Scott Eizember on January 12, 2023

Scott Eizember, Oklahoma

Updated: Thursday, January 12, 2023

On Thursday, January 12, 2023, Oklahoma carried out the execution Scott James Eizember.  Scott was pronounced dead at 10:15 am local time, inside the execution chamber at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma.  He was 62 years of age.  Scott was executed for murdering 76-year-old AJ Cantrell and 70-year-old Patsy Cantrell in their home in Depew, Oklahoma.  For the last 17 years, Scott has resided on death row in Oklahoma.

Scott had a sad childhood. His mother killed herself while he was a baby. Drugs and alcohol were common in the home while he was growing up. At the age of 16, Scott had a daughter with his girlfriend. The two got married and then divorced a few years later. Scott eventually remarried and had two children with his next wife. However, his alcoholism and abuse eventually led to divorce after a decade.

In September 2002, Scott Eizember arrived in the town of Depew, Oklahoma from Detroit, Michigan. The day after his arrival, Eizember met Kathy Biggs. The two eventually became romantically involved and the couple moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where they shared an apartment.

By August 2003, Kathy moved back to Depew after Eizember held her hostage and raped her. She requested and received a protective order against Eizember. A month later, Eizember violated the protective order and spent another month in Tulsa County Jail. In mid-October, Eizember had decided to return to Depew to see Kathy. However, instead of going to her house, Eizember chose to wait in the house across the street.

On October 18, 2003, Eizember broke into the home of AJ and Patsy Cantrell. They lived across the street from Kathy and were not home at the time. However, they arrived home while Eizember was still inside. AJ and Patsy both died from their encounter with Eizember. Eizember then went across the street and shot Kathy’s 16-year-old son Tyler twice. He also beat Kathy’s mother. Eizember then fled the scene.

He spent several days hiding in the woods around the town, before taking shelter in a church storage building. He was eventually discovered on November 23, 2003. In order to flee the area, he stole a car. When that car ran out of gas, he flagged down another car. Once inside, he pointed a gun at the couple and ordered them to drive him to Texas. At a stop, the man shot Eizember, but Eizember wrested the gun away from him. He beat the couple with the gun, however, Eizember had been struck by a bullet. Eizember was arrested later that day at a hospital in Lufkin, Texas, where he was receiving treatment for a gunshot wound he had sustained. Following his arrest, Eizember confessed to his crimes on two separate occasions.

Eizember was convicted and sentenced to death in 2005.

Please pray for peace for the family of AJ and Patsy Catrell, and for all affected by Scott Eizember’s crimes.  Pray for strength for the family of Scott. 

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