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February 16, 2023

JOB 13-14
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Focus Verse for Today: Job 13:15

As we continue in our Journey Through the Bible in One Year, we turn our focus today to the book of Job. Job is suffering and his friends, who came to comfort him, have provided little comfort. Our reading today, continues to show that Job and his friends held very different beliefs from followers of God today, regarding what happens after death. It appears that Job believed that all life ceases after death. Based on this belief, Job would have believed that all the pleasures and rewards of his life trusting in God would be rewarded in this life. Job did not know of, nor understand, God’s gift of eternal life. Job was seeking his rewards now. Even knowing of our eternal life – have you ever held the same attitude as Job?

It is time to pray. Pray for more than just understanding of today’s journey, pray for a relationship with the Creator of all that is: The Great I Am. Open your Bibles to Job chapters 13 and 14 and begin your journey for today!

JobJob 13-14: Job holds steadfast to his convictions, even with a breaking heart, which is an admirable trait. Job is continuing to rebuke Zophar’s allegations, and airing his frustrations will all of his friends, comparing them to bad physicians! Job makes two requests of God. The first is to cease the punishment which he, Job, is unjustly receiving. The second, after God ceases Job’s punishment, is that Job is allowed to reason with God to prove that he, Job, hasn’t committed a sin worthy of the punishment he is receiving. Job reasons that if he fails to prove he is sinless before God; then, God can do as is just. Job wants an opportunity to be heard. (Job 13:1-14:22)

Our focus verse for today:

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face.
(Job 13:15 NIV)

This verse speaks to the condition of Job’s character and heart. Job knew in his heart that he had not sinned against God. Job knew it! He knew it! Job believed God was responsible for everything that happened. This was not then, nor is it now, an accurate description of God’s interaction with His creation. Job knew God. Job knew God well. He knew God well enough to know that God didn’t punish those undeserving of punishment. Job didn’t understand the workings of a fallen universe. Job kept telling God that God was responsible for Job’s downtrodden circumstances. Job believed incorrectly. But, but, but, Job never forsook The Creator of all. Job loved God and Job’s character reflected that love. Think back to a difficult or trying time in your life. What was it? How did you present the problem to God? Did your character reflect the love you have for God?


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