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February 23, 2023

JOB 15-16
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Focus Verses for Today: Job 16:18-21

Today, we continue our study of Job and his friends in the book of Job. In today’s reading, Eliphaz responds to Job’s previous remarks, and Job responds to Eliphaz’s remarks.

Take a few minutes in prayer, asking God for His understanding of what you are about to read. Now clear your minds and get ready to journey to the days of Job. You are an observer of the conversation between Eliphaz and Job. Let the journey begin! Read Job 15-16.

JobJob 15-16: Eliphaz reveals that he has decided that Job has a huge secret sin which Job must deal with for God’s punishment of Job to subside. Eliphaz believes that Job’s plea to God is blasphemy, and accuses his friend, Job, of being an evil man, a man who cannot escape darkness because he, Job, loves darkness more than God. Job, in Eliphaz’s view of God, is receiving his rightful punishment. Eliphaz is angry because he believes his friend had been deceiving him. Job tells his friends Tha they are miserable comforters and seeks God’s relief. Job’s request for an advocate to go before God and present his case, foretells of the coming Messiah and His position before God. (Job 15:1-16:22, NIV)

Our focus verse for today:

18“Earth, do not cover my blood;
    may my cry never be laid to rest!
19Even now my witness is in heaven;
    my advocate is on high.
20My intercessor is my friend
    as my eyes pour out tears to God;
21on behalf of a man he pleads with God
    as one pleads for a friend.
22“Only a few years will pass
    before I take the path of no return.
(Job 16:18-21, NIV)

In our focus verses for today, Job realized that he could not deal with his suffering alone and that he needed an advocate to go before God and present his case. Job had to feel abandoned. No one had taken up his case. He was alone. His three friends, including Eliphaz, believed that Job was not the man they thought he was. They were reacting to his situation as they understood God. Fortunately, they misunderstood God greatly. Are there times in your life when you were in Job’s position? Are there times in your life when you were in Eliphaz’s position? What was your reaction to each? After reflecting and studying Job, would you have changed your actions and responses in those situations? Why or why not? How could you have acted that would have shown your relationship with God?


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