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April 6, 2020

JOB 27-28
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Focus Verses For Today: Job 28:20-28

JobToday’s journey begins with Job addressing his friends as they prepare to leave him. Job finds himself alone with his thoughts. He reflects on God’s wisdom.

Take some time to ask the Lord to reveal His true meaning of Job 27 and 28 to you. Read Job 27-28. Let our journey begin!

Job 27-28: Job’s friends are leaving Job alone to his miseries. Although his friends accused him of bringing his misery upon himself through hidden sin, Job remained steadfast in his commitment that he lived and pursued a righteous life through the Lord. Job expresses his unwavering commitment to the Lord regardless of his circumstances. Job is seeking to understand God’s wisdom. Job is seeking to understand God’s perfect wisdom. (Job 27:1-28:28)

Let’s take a look at our focus verse for today. Pay special attention to Job 28:28.

20Where then does wisdom come from?
Where does understanding dwell?
21It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing,
concealed even from the birds in the sky.
22Destruction and Death say,
“Only a rumor of it has reached our ears.”
23God understands the way to it
and he alone knows where it dwells,
24for he views the ends of the earth
and sees everything under the heavens.
25When he established the force of the wind
and measured out the waters,
26when he made a decree for the rain
and a path for the thunderstorm,
27then he looked at wisdom and appraised it;
he confirmed it and tested it.
28And he said to the human race,
“The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,
and to shun evil is understanding.”
(Job 28:20-28, NIV)

Job concludes that wisdom is fear of the Lord. Job doesn’t mean fear expressly as we think of fear. The word fear, as used by Job, means a deep reverent respect for God. It means to seek to understand the Someone who cannot be fully understood by mortal beings. Should we stand by and do nothing? Absolutely not! Study the Bible, God’s word to all mankind, and pray fervently! Spend time getting to know God! Spend time seeking to understand God! How much time do you spend with God each day? How much? Are you thinking, “Where can I fit God, the Creator of everything and the Master of eternity into my schedule?”


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