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Missouri Executes Michael Tisius on June 6, 2023

Michael Tisius, Missouri

Updated: Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Michael Tisius

Missouri carried out the execution of Michael Tisius on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.  He was pronounced dead at 6:10 pm local time at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, & Corrections Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  Michael was 42 years of age.  He was executed for murdering jail officers Leon Egley and Jason Acton on June 22, 2000, in Huntsville, Missouri.  For the last 21 years,  Michael has been on death row in Missouri.

Michael Tisius allegedly had a difficult childhood, lacking a stable male role model. Michael also claimed he was abused as a child.

In June 2000, Michael Tisius was imprisoned at the Randolph County Jail in Huntsville, Missouri. During that time, Tisius shared a cell with Roy Vance. Tisius was imprisoned for 30 days, while Vance claimed he would be in jail for about 50 years. During their time together, they discussed ways for Tisius to help free Vance from jail.

On June 13, 2000, Tisius was released from prison. A short time after his release, Tisius contacted Tracie Bulington, Vance’s girlfriend. She was in support of helping released Vance from prison. Bulington, along with her friend Heather Douglas, picked up Tisius and returned to Heather’s home, where they stayed for nearly a week.

During the drive, Heather heard the duo discussing various ways to break Vance out of jail, such as locking the guards in a cell. Both claimed they were joking. Heather also noticed that they had a pistol, camping supplies, and clothing being kept in Bulington’s vehicle. Additionally, Tisius and Bulington would often stop talking when Heather entered a room.

On June 17, 2000, Tisius and Bulington began making regular deliveries to Vance. Each delivery gave Vance information about the planned escape. During some of the visits, Tisius carried a pistol into the prison. On one evening visit, an officer noted that both Tisius and Bulington were acting nervous and erratic. Tisius eventually told Bulington that it was time and he would just start shooting if he had to.

At 12:15 am local time, on June 22, 2000, Tisius and Bulington arrived at Randolph County Jail and were admitted. Tisius was armed with the pistol. They claimed they were delivering cigarettes to Vance. Officer Leon Egley and Officer Jason Acton were present and unarmed. Tisius and Bulington spoke with the officers for about 10 minutes. Bulington then notices that Tisius had drawn his pistol. Tisius then shot Officer Acton in the head, killing him instantly. Officer Egley began approaching Tisius, who shot him at least once. Officer Egley fell to the ground.

Tisius took keys from the dispatch area and attempted to free Vance from his cell, however the cell door would not open. Tisius returned to the dispatch area to look for more keys. While Tisius was there, Officer Egley grabbed Bulington’s legs. Tisius then shot him several more times, leading to his death.

Tisius and Bulington fled the prison. While fleeing, they threw evidence from the car window, including the pistol. Shortly after crossing into Kansas, the car broke down. They were arrested later that day. Police were also able to retrieve the evidence thrown from the car. Tisius waived his Miranda rights and confessed to the crime, claiming the murders were not deliberate or premeditated.

Tisius was convicted and received two death sentences. Bulington also plead guilty. She received two life sentences. Vance was also charged and convicted. He received a sentence of life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Pray for the families of the Leon Egley and Jason Acton. Pray for strength for the family of Michael Tisius.

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