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February 19, 2024

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Today, we continue our journey through the book of Genesis. We pick up where we left off last week with the story of Jacob and Esau. Today’s reading shows what can happen in a family where God is not placed at the center, when promises are not upheld, and where deceit is practiced.

Take some time to pray. Ask God to give you His understanding of our journey through Genesis 28-31. Read Genesis 28-31. Let’s journey!

Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah and of the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses as revealed to him by God. As God reveals the beginning to Moses, we are able to understand that God is continually giving second chances; another chance to better ourselves and the world in which we live.

GenesisGenesis 28-31: Our journey today begins with Issac giving Jacob his blessing before Jacob leaves. Jacob was leaving to seek a proper, Jewish wife, from Laban, Rebekah’s brother. Esau realized that his parents did not approve of his Canaanite wives, so he married one of Ishmael’s daughters. On his way to Laban, Jacob dreams of a ladder ascending to heaven. Angels were ascending and descending the ladder. God announces Himself to Jacob and confirms His covenant with Issac passes to Jacob, provided Jacob follows the Lord’s ways. Upon Jacob’s arrival at Paddan Aram meeting with Laban, Jacob promises to work for Laban for seven years to marry Laban’s daughter, Rachel. Laban deceives Jacob, giving Leah as his bride. Jacob works another seven years to acquire Rachel as his wife.

Family discontent shows itself through the two sisters, and through Jacob and Laban. Jacob sees the wealth that Laban has accumulated through Jacob’s efforts without just compensation. Jacob brokers a deal with Laban regarding the sheep which results in Jacob becoming wealthier than Laban, again resulting in family discontent. Jacob is instructed by the Lord to return home, however, Jacob worries about his reception by his brother. Jacob followed the Lord, packing his belongings and leaving Laban in the middle of the night. Family discontent remains as Rachel steals her father’s household idols, in an attempt to secure the family inheritance. The person who possessed them was the person entitled to the family inheritance. Laban discovers his household idols are missing and pursues Jacob. God warns Laban not to harm Jacob. Laban catches Jacob. Sadly, this encounter ends with no real love shown for his family. The loss of his daughters or his grandchildren: it appears Laban’s true intention was to recover his flocks, claiming them to be his. A pack is made to never cross onto each other’s territory again. Laban returns home. (Genesis 28:1-31:55)

Read chapters 28 through 31, and ask yourself these questions: Is God at the center of your life? Is your daily life a mission for and from God? How can you see God’s forgiveness, and willingness to give second chances? Why does God continue to forgive?


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