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March 1, 2024

ISAIAH 45-50
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Once again, we have returned to our study of prophecy in the book of Isaiah. We do not always understand God’s plan. We do not always see God’s plan. God can and does use unexpected people to carry out His plans. There is no limitation to God’s power!

Take some time to ask the Lord to give you His understanding of our journey through Isaiah today. After you have finished reading Isaiah 45-50, let’s begin our journey!

Following Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of Israel was split in two; Judah, in the south, consisted of two tribes and remained under the control of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, while Israel, to the north, consisted of the remaining ten tribes and came under the control of Jeroboam. The split occurred around 930 BC. During the nearly 200 years in between the split and the writing of Isaiah, the two nations were often at war. Throughout the book of Isaiah, the prophet offers both messages of coming judgment and of hope for redemption.

IsaiahIsaiah 45-50: God will use King Cyrus to execute His (God’s) will in delivering God’s people, Israel. King Cyrus was a pagan, not a Jew, so the people of Israel could not understand why God would use him. God made it clear that He (God) is the creator of all that is and that He will use whomever He desires to fulfill His will. God exposes the gods of Babylon as nothing more than man-images, which can do nothing. The Lord will destroy Babylon. There is nothing to save them from God’s wrath. God’s warning is also an opportunity to turn from sorcery and incantations by turning to Him, God, to deliver them from their idol worship. God speaks to Israel while they are captive in Babylon, telling them that their captivity is a result of worshiping Him in name only and not their daily lives. God delivers Israel from Babylon. Jesus’ coming, to rescue the Jews and Gentiles who choose to surrender their lives to Him, is foretold. In God’s timing, Jerusalem will be restored. Israel does not seek God’s deliverance by reaching out to Him as His servant. They chose to malign God’s ability to deliver them. God responds. (Isaiah 45:1-50:11)

Read chapters 45 through 50 and ask yourself these questions: Do you place limitations on God’s power? What warning of judgment is Isaiah giving? What message of hope is Isaiah giving?


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