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David Hosier Executed in Missouri on June 11, 2024

Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2024

David Hosier Missouri death row inmate

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, David Hosier was executed by the state of Missouri.  He was pronounced dead at 6:11 pm local time, inside the execution chamber at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Corrections Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri. David was 69 years of age.  He was convicted of murdering 45-year-old Angela Gilpin in the hallway of her apartment building in Jefferson City, Missouri on September 28, 2009.  David has spent the last 10 years of his life on death row in Missouri.

David Hosier was born and raised in Logansport, Indiana.  His father, a state trooper, was killed when David was 16 years of age, trying to apprehend a murder suspect.  David struggled with his father’s death, eventually ending up at a military school.  He went on to join the Navy, where he served for six years.  After being discharged, he moved back to Indiana, before moving to Jefferson City, Missouri after visiting his sister in 1979.  David became a firefighter, got married, and had two children.  By 1987, he was divorced and had returned to Indiana, where he was a farmer.  In 2006, he returned to Jefferson City for his son’s wedding and never left.

While living in Jefferson City for the second time, David Hosier frequented a bar where he met Angela Gilpin.  They became friends and eventually began an affair.  However, In August 2009, Angela decided to end the affair and return and reconcile with her 61-year-old husband, Rodney.  After the breakup, Angela became afraid that Hosier would shoot her and her husband.  As Hosier worked odd jobs around the apartment complex, Angela spoke with the owner and sought to have her locks changed and Hosier’s access to the building removed.  The owner agreed and did as requested.

The owner also discovered that Hosier had a felony conviction from Indiana and requested that Hosier move out of his apartment, in a different building, by the end of the month.  Angela remained concerned about Hosier and requested a different apartment.  She also sought out a protective order against Hosier.

During the early morning hours of September 28, 2009, a woman arrived home and discovered Angela’s body lying in the hallway.  She called the police, who discovered that other neighbors had heard what sounded like gunshots earlier that morning.  Rodney’s body was discovered inside the apartment.  Both had been shot to death.  Bullets and bullet holes were found near the entry door to the building and leading to Angela’s apartment.  Police determined that there were no signs of forcible entry.

After Rodney and Angela were shot, Hosier fled to Oklahoma, where he was arrested.  Upon his arrest, Hosier made several statements requesting the police “shoot me and get it over with” and “end it.”  A search of his vehicle revealed 15 firearms, different forms of ammunition, a bulletproof vest, a crowbar, latex gloves, a knife, and a homemade police baton.  All guns were found to be loaded except the one determined to be the murder weapon.  Further investigation revealed that Hosier had called a friend and left several incriminating messages, including threatening Angela.

Hosier was convicted of murdering Angela, while in the commission of another crime that of murdering Angela’s husband, Rodney.  Additionally, Hosier was convicted of burglary and several firearm charges.  Hosier continued to insist he was innocent of the crime.

Pray for the families of Angela and Rodney Gilpin.  Pray for strength for the family of David Hosier.  Please pray that if David is innocent, lacks the competency to be executed, or should not be executed for any other reason, that evidence will be provided before his execution.  David has previously stated that he believes in Jesus Christ as his savior.  Please pray that he will find comfort through his relationship with Jesus Christ.

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