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September 16, 2019, DAY 263: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: 2 Chronicles 1-5

September 15, 2019

8He built the Most Holy Place, its length corresponding to the width of the temple—twenty cubits long and twenty cubits wide. He overlaid the inside with six hundred talents of fine gold.  9The gold nails weighed fifty shekels. He also overlaid the upper parts with gold.
10For the Most Holy Place he made a pair of sculptured cherubim and overlaid them with gold. 11The total wingspan of the cherubim was twenty cubits. One wing of the first cherub was five cubits long and touched the temple wall, while its other wing, also five cubits long, touched the wing of the other cherub.  12Similarly one wing of the second cherub was five cubits long and touched the other temple wall, and its other wing, also five cubits long, touched the wing of the first cherub.  13The wings of these cherubim extended twenty cubits. They stood on their feet, facing the main hall.   
(2 Chronicles 3:8-13, NIV)

The Journey of Work

The Journey 2019: The Journey of Work

“Ok everyone,” the professor started after taking attendance. “Today,” “Wait!” A student spoke up. “Can we go back to what we talking about last time? Like, about you reading - er sorry, continually studying the Bible?” “Sure,” the professor said, motioning for the student to continue. “I was taught being a Christian is easy. You know, accept Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead. That’s it. You’re talking about growing a relationship with Christ, like being a Christian is more than just a one time conversion.” “Have you ever compared that teaching to the Bible? Where does it say that?” The student looked confused. “I can’t say exactly, but I know the pastor gave Bible verses during the sermon.” The professor smiled and looked at the class. “This is why I insist that you give exact references and know the context of the verses. It is easy to cherry-pick certain verses and present them in a way that makes being a Christian easy.”

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