Ohio Reschedules All 2015 Executions



On Friday, January 30, 2015, the state of Ohio announced that it would not be carrying out any executions this year.  All executions that were scheduled for this year have been reschedule for 2016.  Ohio began experiencing problems with its execution protocol in January of 2014, with the execution of Dennis McGuire.  Dennis’ execution did not go as planned, as he took approximately 25 minutes to die after the execution drugs were administered.  According to various reports, Dennis was also gasping during the execution.  Following an in-depth investigation, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections determined that Dennis was indeed unconscious for the execution, however they increased the amount of drugs used in the execution.  The combination of drugs used in Dennis’ execution was the first time that combination was used.  


Following the revision of the execution protocol, several inmates filed appeals, leading to Judge Gregory Frost to postpone all executions until the issues were resolved.  In December, Ohio passed a law which provides identity protection for those who supply the state of execution drugs.  In January of 2015, Ohio put a new execution protocol into place, which includes a new combination of execution drugs.  As of now, Ohio does not have the new drugs needed to carry out any executions and is experiencing difficulties finding a supplier.  This year’s executions have been rescheduled in order to allow Ohio time to obtain the drugs and adopt the new execution protocol. 


A complete list of revised executions can be found under our “Scheduled Executions” tab, or click here.

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