In 1985, John Davidson and 25-year-old Thomas Wayne Vason, who worked at local restaurants Mrs. Winner’s and Captain D’s, were shot and killed in Birmingham, Alabama.  A third shooting took place at another restaurant, Quincy’s, but the victim, Sid Smotherman Jr., survived and went on to identify Anthony Ray Hinton as the man who force him, at gunpoint, to drive back to Quincy’s, before shooting him.  Police used the similarities in the cases to link Anthony to the murder of John and Thomas.


Since his arrest, Anthony has been arguing that he is innocent and that his consul at trial was inadequate because he did not hire a qualified gun expert to refute the state.  The state linked Anthony to the crime from a .38 caliber revolver that had been found in his home.  Unfortunately, after a modern analysis of the gun and the bullets, experts were unable to determine if the bullets came from Anthony’s gun, or even if the bullets came from the same gun.


Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed that Anthony had “constitutionally deficient” representation at his trial and sent his case back for a retrial, leading to the re-examination of evidence.  Leading to more questions over the competency of his defense, is the fact that Anthony had an alibi for the time of Sid’s shooting:  he was at work when the robbery was committed, which two co-workers verified.


On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Laura Petro dismissed the case against Anthony, at the request of the district attorney’s office.  He was released early Friday morning.  Please pray for Anthony, who has spent over half his life behind bars.

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