Ohio Reschedules All 2016 Executions  


Deja vu?  As the Ohio Department of Corrections continues to have difficulties obtaining drugs to be used in executions, the state has announced that it will, once again, delay several executions in the state.  All eleven inmates scheduled to be executed in 2016, and one in early 2017, will be delayed until 2017, or later.


Ohio’s last execution was Dennis McGuire in January of 2014.  During Dennis’ execution, which was performed using a never-before-used combination of drugs, he appeared to gasp and not be fully unconscious during the execution.  The execution also took approximately 25 minutes, longer than expected and longer than nearly every other lethal injection execution.  Following an in-depth investigation, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections determined that Dennis was indeed unconscious for the execution, however, they increased the amount of the drugs used during the execution.


Following the revision to the execution protocol, several inmates filed appeals, leading to Judge Gregory Frost to postpone all executions until the issues were resolved.  In December of 2014, Ohio passed a law which would keep the identity of those who supply executions drugs a secret.  In January of 2015, Ohio put a new execution protocol into place, which includes a new combination of execution drugs.  As Ohio did not have the necessary drugs to carry out executions, they delayed all executions until January of 2016.


Now, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, has once again postponed nearly all of its scheduled executions due to problems obtaining execution drugs.  Ohio has made at least one attempt to import the drugs from overseas, which the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has said cannot be done legally.  We have removed all previously scheduled Ohio executions dates from our “Scheduled Executions” tab (or click here).  We will post the new execution dates as applicable.

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