We, at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, Inc. are packing our bags readying ourselves for a journey, a Journey Through The Bible in ONE Year! You may be surprised to know this is the most important Journey anyone can take and you are invited to come along. All it will cost you is an open mind and some time.

This isn’t last years read the Bible in a year plan. Nope! This is a journey. A guided journey through the entire Bible over the course of a year. You heard that right. Your ears aren’t playing tricks on you. A guided journey through the entire Bible in one year. Every word of it! You heard that right: every word of it! In just one year! It’s free, even!

This journey, unlike any other journey you have ever taken, this journey, A Journey Through The Bible in ONE YEAR will allow you to find the answers to many of the questions you have that have remained unanswered throughout your life. Some of those questions, the ones that just keep coming up in your life will be answered later, for now is not the right time.

If you want to keep track of where you’ve begun you may like to journal your Journey Through The Bible in ONE Year. You can journal what you think about things as the journey begins so you can contrast it to what you think as YOUR journey concludes. Remember this journey is about you. It is about finding the true you. Journal it, keep notes, review them, reflect upon them and as this Journey Through The Bible in ONE Year winds down - take a look - take a good look - at you! Wow! Let’s leave now!

The first step in truly knowing you, getting the answers to those question which have been plaguing you, is getting to know the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and creation. It is time for you to take A Journey Through The Bible in ONE Year - it is your time to meet The Great, “I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)

Just like The Great I Am, this journey is for everyone. If you are an individual who claims to believe nothing come along, journey with us, taking the opportunity to examine your unbelief. If you are someone who just is not sure if Jesus is the true answer, come along, journey with us, and meet Him up close and personal; really get to meet Him: Then decide! If you are new to the Christian faith, come journey with us, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow in your faith and understanding of the Lord. If you have been a Christian for a while, come journey with us, taking advantage of this opportunity to recharge and grow your faith and knowledge of the Lord.

It is never too late to join us as we Journey Through The Bible In ONE Year. Do you want to know the truth, do you really want to know? Really want to know! Join the caravan - new friends joining every day!

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