The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries (TFFCM) does not need accolades to understand the importance of our work, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with men and women on death row. I will admit it does feel good, and for a reason I can’t explain, it feels especially good to hear from the prison staff where TFFCM ministers. When you think of prison ministry, do you think of ministering to men and women assigned to death row? Most people do not. The blessing we receive from hearing from the prison staff is knowing that TFFCM is ministering to the un-churched, being the only “church” to the inmates on death row, in most locations. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him.

One theme that repeats itself is that prison employees are often disciplined for sharing their faith with the men and women on death row. If that isn’t shameful enough, most prison staff who write TFFCM ask us not to reveal their names because they would be fired. A truly sad story about religious freedom and first amendment rights in the United States. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to support our Christian prison staff through email.


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