Prayer Thoughts for August - Truancy Awareness Month

Prayer Thoughts for August - Truancy Awareness

It was a rhetoric repeated so often that many stopped listening. It held little meaning for them, especially the ones it was designed to reach. It was not until he was older and an adult that Lucas came to realize the truth and importance of that all-so-frequently-repeated rhetoric: stay in school, get an education, graduate, and don't break the law.


August is Family Fun Month!

Prayer Thoughts for August - Family Fun!

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Just five more minutes… BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Arrgg!!! Alright, alright! Slowly the household starts to come awake. Mom putters out to the kitchen to start the coffee, while Dad hops in for a quick shower. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The kids take a bit longer to wake up, but dad’s mouthwatering pancakes are waiting for them, with real maple syrup. Everyone hustles around getting ready for the day, with Mom shouts out reminders about various activities relating to the person she is currently passing. Before you know it, everyone heads off in their own direction for the day. The day flies by, everyone involved in their own life. In the evening everyone starts to slowly trickle back to the house, all arriving in time for dinner: Mom’s famous spaghetti! During dinner, they exchange brief stories about their days before agains wandering off, each in pursuit of their own leisure activities. Too soon, it is time for bed. And then, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!, the pattern begins again.


August is Happiness Happens Month!

Prayer Thoughts for August - Happiness Happens

Are you smiling or growling? SMILE!!! That was Alyssa. Always smiling, always finding the silver lining. Whenever her friends were having a bad day or looked down, Alyssa was there to cheer them up! But Dani? GRRRRR!!! Dani was the opposite. Dani could find the bad on the best of days. Constantly growling about something. And, whether Dani was aware or not, her negativity would bring down her friends when they were happy. Do you have a friend like Alyssa? Do you have a friend like Dani? Which one do you emulate in your life?


August is National Back to School Month

Prayer Thoughts for August - Back to School

Daniel and Benjamin grew up together. Later, they attended the same classes. They both wanted to succeed. Daniel spent his free time having daily devotions and praying. Benjamin spent his free time socializing with others and partaking of the company of women. Daniel carefully chose what he ate and drank, making sure he was honoring the Lord with his choices. Benjamin over indulged on food and wine. Daniel relied on the Lord for wisdom and understanding. Benjamin relied on himself and his own knowledge. Daniel excelled in his classes and went on to become successful in all that he did, earning praises and great rewards. He had a loving relationship with his wife and children. There were still times in which he struggled and was persecuted for following the Lord instead of the world, but his faith in the Lord brought him through all of his trials. Benjamin struggled in his career, never finding a job he enjoyed. His relationship with his wife was strained and he barely knew his children. Who are you - Daniel or Benjamin?

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